Ronnie Greer - Jazz & Blues Guitarist

Ronnie Greer performing

Ronnie Greer stands as a celebrated figure in the Northern Ireland music landscape. Esteemed for his mastery of blues and jazz guitar, Ronnie's artistry has infused vigor into numerous esteemed bands. His tenure with the renowned Jim Daly Blues Band is particularly noted, amongst his many collaborations.

His performances are marked by an emotive intensity that resonates with audiences, earning him accolades both as a soloist and a collaborative artist. Notably, his stage collaborations span a roster of illustrious artists, including Dr. John and Lowell Fulson. Ronnie's ensemble, featuring the iconic Kenny McDowell, set a high standard in the blues quartet scene in the UK. With a foundation anchored by Alan Hunter and Colm Fitzpatrick, the group's rhythm section is both dynamic and precise.

The addition of Anthony Toner in 2007 brought a fresh dynamic to the group, with his soulful vocals and slide guitar stylings enhancing the band's sonic palette. This evolution has been embraced by fans and critics alike, with standout performances at major events such as the Big River Blues Festival.

The band's versatility is further exemplified by their successful backing of Whitey Johnston on his tour, showcasing their adaptability and musical prowess.

Members: Ronnie Greer (Vocals, Guitar), Alan Hunter (Bass, Vocals), Colm Fitzpatrick (Drums), Anthony Toner (Vocals, Guitar).

Ronnie's musical influences are deeply rooted in the classic jazz of the 1950s, revering the works of legends like Miles Davis and John Coltrane, while also embracing the expansive canon of blues music. His eclectic taste is evidenced by his admiration for Steely Dan and an affection for classical masters such as Verdi and Mozart.

The quintessence of Ronnie's sound is a fusion of classic Chicago blues with a twist; a melodic conversation between robust blues riffs and the funky slide guitar reminiscent of Little Feat, all underscored by a vibrant rhythm section.